Exciting News to Share With You!

When I first introduced my website, www.wisdom-matters.com late last year, I stated on my About Me page, “One area I’m feeling strongly about is writing a book, which will include my backstory.”

The truth is I believe God’s Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit many years earlier about writing this book but I just had a hard time believing it. I tried to dismiss these thoughts of writing a book because I never saw myself as an author or someone who was ready to speak out on the topic I sensed He was asking me to write about! As hard as I tried I could never erase the thoughts of one day having to sit down and write what God was burdening my heart with.

I made an outline of what I thought the book should include and would write bits and pieces of it from time to time. It wasn’t until I “retired” and we finally settled back in Ohio last year that I finally had no more excuses and plenty of time to sit down and get serious about finishing what I had started years ago!

The name of the book is What IN the World is Wrong With This World? The subtitle is Are You Ready for the Truth?

I’m excited to announce that I completed the first draft of the manuscript in March! I chose a Christian self-publishing company, Covenant Books, to help me through the process. Now, the final editing of the manuscript is complete, the page design process is complete, and we are currently in the cover design stage.

Once the cover design is complete and approved, the publisher will convert the manuscript into the various digital formats necessary for distribution to digital distribution channels such as Apple iTunes, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble eBook platforms. Hard copies of the book will be available in many national retail and specialty Christian outlets and via Amazon’s print distribution platform.

Along with the excitement of this project, I must admit this whole book-writing journey has been a bit overwhelming and intimidating to me! I don’t know if other books will follow but for now I think it’s a one and done.

I tried to keep in mind that everyone today is in a hurry, life has many real priorities as well as distractions, and idle time is almost nonexistent. With that in mind, I wanted this book to be a quick read with a critically important, highly relevant, and powerful message. I believe I have accomplished those goals but that’s strictly my opinion! It’s only about eighty pages in length so it can easily be read in one or two sittings.

I also believe this book will affect most readers in at least one of four ways; some will be offended, some will be encouraged, some will be enlightened, and some will be changed forever!

Well, that’s all the excitement from this end for a while but I’ll keep everyone updated on publication dates, etc.

Finally, if you are a prayer warrior I would greatly appreciate your prayers for God’s continued guidance and for His Hand of protection on my family and me as we endeavor to serve however and wherever He leads. Obedience to God’s call and sharing His Good News will not go unnoticed or unchallenged by the forces of evil!

See you next week for more Wisdom Matters!




2 thoughts on “Exciting News to Share With You!

  1. Michael Takes

    Looking forward to reading, perhaps you in your Steelers pajamas would make a great cover…or maybe the backcover. Hope to see you and Lynn soon!

    1. Earl

      That would only scare most readers off Mike! Our B&B is always open to you and Janice. We would love to see y’all ASAP! Miss you and love you both.

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