25 Business Skills To Master Now!

In today’s competitive work environment, if you want to stand out as a job applicant or an employee competing for a promotion, there are certain skills you must bring to the table to impress employers.

The following information written by a staff writer for Get Motivated Workbook will help you take an inventory of your current skill set. You’ll be able to access your current strengths as well as the areas where you may need some work.

In the article, Randall S. Hansen states, “Whether you’re seeking your first job, a new opportunity, or a promotion within your current company, the business skills you need to master are the same.

Beyond evaluating job-specific requirements, employers look for ‘hard skills’ and ‘soft skills’ in a candidate seeking a position or promotion.”

Stay ahead of the curve in your career by brushing up on each of these 25 vital skills.

Hard Skills

  1. Communication: Vitally important in business, successful communication includes concise writing, careful listening and effective speaking—all of which will be evaluated in your resume and interviews.
  2. Analytical: This skill begins with the ability to see the big picture, to assess a situation, gather information and seek multiple perspectives, and then to apply sound judgement.
  3. Computer/Technical: If you don’t possess solid computer skills, get them, or be left behind.
  4. Adaptive: As employers downsize and combine jobs, they are focusing on efficiency. Show your value by demonstrating a willingness to learn new skills and assume additional responsibilities.
  5. Interpersonal: The workplace is all about people. If you’re an alpha male or female, tone it down. Learn to understand and accept different personalities.
  6. Leadership/Management: Whether you’ve progressed to a management position yet or not, your leadership skills are important because they demonstrate initiative. “Don’t wait to be told to do a job or take on a responsibility,” advises Shelly Field, author of The Unofficial Guide to Hot Careers. A willingness to take the lead or solve a problem will get you noticed, she says.
  7. Multicultural Sensitivity: As the workplace grows more diverse every day, show you can get along with people from different backgrounds. Multicultural sensitivity has become an employability hot button.
  8. Planning/Organization: Demonstrate your ability to take a task from beginning to end and finish it on time.
  9. Problem Solving: Creative problem-solving is important at all levels of any organization. Document your best examples for your next interview.
  10. Teamwork: Valuable employees are team players committed to the organization’s goals, says Laura Berman Fortgang, author of Living Your Best Life.

Soft Skills

  1. Loyalty: Managers facing staff cuts, with no reduction in workload, are keenly aware of who’s with them and who’s not.
  2. Integrity: As corporate scandals rock news headlines, it’s not surprising that integrity tops the list of personal values employers are seeking in employees.
  3. Flexibility: Become a star player by demonstrating a willingness to leave your comfort zone.
  4. Dedication: By showing care for your work and concern for your company, you will be valued for your commitment and for the example you set.
  5. Reliability: Prove you can be counted on, so you won’t be easily counted out when the chips are down.
  6. Positive Attitude: Particularly when times are tough, your positive attitude will boost morale for everyone, and make you an essential member of the team.
  7. Professionalism: A code of conduct and a sign of maturity, professionalism covers a host of behaviors, from being fair and responsible to never being petty.
  8. Self-confidence: If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?
  9. Willingness to Learn: Jobs are constantly evolving, so demonstrate that you can too, no matter your age or level of experience.
  10. Ability to Work Independently: A counterpart to teamwork, being a self-starter who performs well with minimal demands on a supervisor’s time will distinguish you in today’s competitive job arena.
  11. Respect for Others: Every person you interact with during your workday, from the CEO to the receptionist, gives you an opportunity to demonstrate respect, which others will reflect back on you.
  12. Patience: Wrapped up in our own immediate needs, it’s easy to forget those of others. Show respect by being patient.
  13. Be a Good Listener: Listening is a sign of respect and patience for others.
  14. Willingness to Conduct Research: Go the extra mile to learn all you can, and then question what you learn. Just because something comes up on Google doesn’t make it true!
  15. Time Management: The more effectively you manage your time, the better you will become at meeting your goals and those of your company.

A lot of wisdom here for how to be fully prepared to excel in today’s workplace environment!

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