Timely Message From A Real Change Agent!

Things Aren’t Always What They First Appear To Be!

If you haven’t already heard of Joel Patrick, known as “The Legendary Black Redneck”, I’d like to introduce him to you via the ACCESSWIRE article below.

This young man is a true patriot, and a true change agent for racial reconciliation.

I’ve kept this post short on purpose hoping you’ll take the time and listen to his message at the end of this post.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2020 / There are numerous ways a 12-year-old can contribute to society. Raising $15,000 for a charity (a local crisis pregnancy resource center – my insert) is definitely uncommon for someone at such a young age, but that was precisely what Joel Patrick did.

A native of Beavercreek, Ohio, Patrick was exposed and involved with issues in his community early on in his life. He was the third youngest of seven children.

Patrick made his way into the social media scene in the fall of 2017 when Joshua Feuerstein, an American internet personality, shared one of his videos. Since then, Patrick has amassed over 500 million views on different social media platforms and has been a tireless advocate for several issues in America, contributing to the recent discussion on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a movement that aims to uphold fundamental human rights and condemn systemic racism and violence towards black people. This international movement originated from the African-American community. (P.S. It is not my personal view of what the BLM movement “aims to uphold”. I totally disagree that the BLM movement “aims to uphold fundamental human rights and condemn systemic racism and violence towards black people.” If that were true, where is BLM’s outrage and protests in Chicago where the black-on-black murder rate is skyrocketing, and where black children are being murdered at alarming rates? – my insert)

Patrick is quick to point out this movement’s dangerous potential to create unnecessary division amongst people. (I stand in agreement with Joel Patrick – my insert) He expressed in Twitter:

“We can seek justice for #GeorgeFloyd and for #AhmaudAubrey without making it about race…don’t believe me?…look at the color of the investigators that charged both the Officers and the McMichaels.

We must fight injustice together and not needlessly divide.


Additionally, he advocates against the term “racist” being an adjective to describe only white people-slamming black supremacy and emphasizing that anyone who believes a particular race is superior to another can, in fact, be considered racist.

Dubbed as “The Legendary Black Redneck,” Patrick exudes courage and commitment towards the betterment of his homeland. He continues to use his platforms to voice out injustices in his community. An up and coming artist himself, Patrick uses his music as an instrument of his beliefs.

Fed up with the constant oppression by the Left towards causes and people he holds dear, Patrick is inspired to use his talents to influence and educate his fellowmen. The young activist hopes to educate anyone, whatever their political stand. He continues to travel across the country to participate as a public speaker in schools and various events. Among the topics he has a passion for are the rights of unborn babies, the suppression of conservatives and Christians in the mainstream media, and the 2nd Amendment.

Liberty Hangout, The White House Brief on The BlazeTV, ABC Nightline, The Epoch Times, Fox News Special Report, The Hodgetwins, Brietbart, and Glen Beck Radio Show are some of the TV shows he has appeared in.

Like many activists, Patrick hopes for America to be great again. He calls out to his fellow Americans to join hands and work towards that. He says on his official website, “I believe that the silent majority will win. I believe that hard work, loving God, and your fellow man and woman is the way to a better, and more fulfilling life. The truth may set you free, but may ruffle some feathers along the way. I won’t apologize for my beliefs, but I will try and speak the truth in love.”

I say “AMEN” to that Joel!

This young man, Joel Patrick, has an urgent message we all need to hear and take to heart in a very serious way! And, please take some time to listen to the song (“That’s Me”) he wrote  and sings at the end of his message.

See you next week for more Wisdom Matters!

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