And The Next President Of The United States Is…?

A Tremendous Amount Of Serious Food For Thought!

There are many nonreligious people in the United States who either like or dislike President Trump or former VP Joe Biden just as there are many religious people who are on both ends of that spectrum as well.

Having said that, the link below highlights an email from one Christian friend to another Christian friend who obviously sees the current political landscape very differently than his friend. Citing undeniable facts and Scripture verses, the writer proceeds to layout a very detailed response to his friend defending and rebutting his friend’s accusations and insinuations about President Trump and anyone who publicly supports Trump, especially Christians.

Only after reading the attached letter below will you fully understand and appreciate the glaring differences between what President Trump and the Republican Party have done over the last three and a half years and want to do for the American people if reelected, versus what Biden and the Democratic Party stand for and want to do if Biden is elected as our next President.

However, whether you are a Christian or not and whether you are a Trump or Biden lover or not, I strongly recommend carving out about fifteen minutes to read the entire letter HERE.

I agree with the writer that evangelicals face an easy choice of which Party to support. The information in his letter may also help those still on the fence make up their minds which candidate and Party they will support on November 3rd.

See you next week for more Wisdom Matters!

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