Houston, We Have A Problem!

This post is relatively brief again because the links highlighted below offer a great deal of relevant information for you to read and consider.

Most importantly, I will be taking some time away from my trusty computer as my wife and I celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary next week. It may take me a while to sober back up from all the festivities!!! Just kidding!


We thank God daily for His grace, mercy, and loving hand on our marriage and on our entire family these many years. Our journey has certainly had its ups and downs but through it all He was and still is faithful to sustain us.

And to my wife: If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate one bit with just a few changes and improvements on my part! I Love You Babe, Always Have, Always Will.

To God be the glory.

Per Wikipedia, “‘Houston, we have a problem’ is a popular but erroneous quotation from the radio communications between the Apollo 13 astronaut John (“Jack”) Swigert and the NASA Mission Control Center (“Houston”) during the Apollo 13 spaceflight, as the astronauts communicated their discovery of the explosion that crippled their spacecraft.

The words actually spoken, initially by Jack Swigert, were ‘Okay, Houston, we’ve had a problem here’. After being prompted to repeat the transmission by CAPCOM Jack R. Lousma, Jim Lovell responded, ‘Uh, Houston, we’ve had a problem.’

Since then, the erroneous phrase ‘Houston, we have a problem’ has become popular, being used to account, informally, the emergence of an unforeseen problem.”

So What’s The Problem?

Well, it goes without saying that COVID-19 has been “the emergence of an unforeseen problem” for the entire world that has unquestionably turned all of our individual worlds upside down in so many ways!

Unfortunately, there are some sub-problems that are emerging concerning options people diagnosed with COVID-19 may have available to mitigate the symptoms of the coronavirus.

First, the fight over Hyroxychloroquine. President Trump touted the drug at a press conference in early March. In late May, the atmosphere became more charged when the medical journal The Lancet published a study showing that patients taking Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 had a 34% increased risk of dying and a 137% increased risk of a heart arrhythmia. It was used by some to criticize Trump’s promotion of the drug. The study was later retracted when the data it used turned out to be fraudulent.

The debate was rekindled when America’s Frontline Doctors held a press conference saying they’d successfully treated COVID-19 patients with Hydroxychloroquine. The presser went viral after hundreds of thousands of people, including Trump, shared a video of it. Soon, the video was pulled by YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter on the grounds that it spread misinformation about the coronavirus. Twitter even suspended the account of Donald Trump Jr. after he shared it.

My question is, who made YouTube, FB, and Twitter the experts on what is medical “misinformation” and what isn’t? Something smells very fishy here!

It’s a very long and detailed read but you can view the entire Hydroxychloroquine White Paper HERE and decide for yourself.

Next, the debate over when a viable vaccine will be ready for the general population. The big question that has many people up in arms is, “Will the vaccine be mandatory?” You can view the entire 12-part series on Why So Many People Are Choosing Not To Vaccinate HERE and again, decide for yourself.

See you in a couple of weeks for more Wisdom Matters!

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