A Tale Of Two Americas

The Battle For The Soul Of America!

A high school classmate of mine shared a Facebook post by a gentleman I’ve never met named Joseph Ambrose.  However, I’m guessing we’re about the same age and I can totally relate to all he talks about in his post below since we both have one main thing in common.  And it certainly brings back many old memories!

I too was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. Coincidentally, my mother also worked at GF (General Fireproofing) and Livingstons. And I wouldn’t be surprised if my mom and dad danced to the music of the Frankie Ambrose Orchestra.

I can attest to everything Joseph Ambrose reflects on regarding life in Youngstown in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. My parents, relatives, and just about everyone else living in Youngstown were proud Democrats.

Here’s what Mr. Ambrose had to say:

I, like so many in Youngstown, grew up in a Democrat household. My dad was a combination blue collar and white collar worker. After the war he worked at GF and later was a sales man at Livingstons, Lustig’s and then sold insurance for National Life and Accident (American General). We were the middle class family of our time.

To make ends meet he played on the weekends (the Frankie Ambrose Orchestra). In the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s there is no doubt that the Democratic Party was the workers party but, over time they have been insidiously infiltrated by Marxists masquerading as Democrats. They have infiltrated every aspect of American life and, most insidiously, government and law enforcement. The racial unrest has presented them a platform to unleash their ideology and their radical plans for America.

This certainly is not the Democratic Party of our parents. The Democratic Party has simply become a tool for them (the Marxists) to achieve their end. Knowing that they could not implement their agenda simply as the Marxist party they have latched onto the Democratic Party like a parasite to drain the party of its principles which were, for so many years, championing the causes of the middle class.

Like the man said, those principles are gone just like nickel beers. While Democratic in name only the Marxist manifesto is clearly in view. The massive intrusion of government into all aspects of our lives. They patiently and cunningly put the plan in place waiting for the right moment to unfurl it (the murder of George Floyd) and now we are seeing the fruits of their labor – anarchy, civil unrest, the painting of America as a racist country, the destruction of property, and the obliteration of our history and the distortion of history of the founding of the country (1619 project).

I write this to draw out into the open the fact that the Democratic Party is being played like a fiddle not for its betterment but to achieve an end that will destroy this country forever. They, the extremists on the left, are counting on the staunch Democrats to vote the party ticket without regard for what is at stake. In a sense, they insult the collective intelligence of the Democrats by assuming that they will blindly vote for them without a thought in their heads.

It’s akin to the Bidenesk-like mentality that “you ain’t black enough if you don’t vote for me”. It’s the arrogant belief that you, the American people, are too stupid and inept to do things for yourself. No, better for the government to take over your lives and do the thinking for you. Let us be in charge of your health care, let us redo the constitution so that if fits our agenda, let us supply your every need.

All of this designed to keep you, the American people under their thumbs, under their control and totally dependent on them, the new government, for all your needs. Remember, a government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take away everything. Is this really what you want?

I cannot believe for a moment that any American, Democrat or Republican, would blindly vote without understanding at the deepest level what is really at stake here. It isn’t about Joe Biden or Donald Trump. No! Its about a way of life that has defined who we are and has evolved into over the past 244 years.

I cannot believe that the good people that I know who are Democrats would allow themselves to be pawns and a means to an evil end. I urge all to spend the next two weeks reading and studying the platforms, the accomplishments of this presidency versus the promises of the opposition.

Examine your hearts and seriously look around you and examine all that you have been able to accomplish on your own without the “help” of the federal government and try to imagine what it would be like to wake up in a country that would punish productivity and reward mediocrity, to wake up in a country were average is good enough. Most importantly to wake up in a country where the freedoms we now enjoy are gone. Gone forever.

Think about it. You still have time.

Recipe for a revolution:
1. Censorship
2. Create fear
3. Create division
4. Create violence & lawlessness
5. Create disdain for law enforcement
6. Intimidate police not to protect and defend citizens
7. Intimidate citizens not to protect and defend themselves.
8. Encourage military to hold leader in disdain
9. Intimidate voters to not vote
10. Interfere with and create confusion in election & vote tally

11. Destroy history to re- write it

Are any of these ingredients presently occurring in America?
Wake up, America. The revolution has begun!

Choose wisely my friends. Our futures, and the futures of our children and grandchildren depend on the choices we make on November 3rd.

See you next week for more Wisdom Matters!

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