Election Consequences

The 7 points below were written by a wise lawyer-cousin of mine.

Well said cuz!

Corruption On Steroids!

1. The Democrats clearly gamed the voting processes in multiple states — without regard to whether they had actual authority to do so and without regard to the integrity of the ballot. If you think their primary motivation was to protect us from the coronavirus rather than partisan advantage, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

2. These changes (e.g. mass mail-in ballots, early voting, extension of the time to submit mailed out ballots (with or without matching signatures or postmarks), vote harvesting, potential undue influence in filling out non-secret ballots, potential filling out a ballot by a family member or third party, lack of chain of custody, etc.) facilitates the possibility of voter fraud, i.e. makes it easier. We will never know the extent of actual voting fraud and its materiality, however.

3. When I speak of integrity of the ballot that means deterring fraud and ensuring a secret ballot which is essential for preventing undue influence. In short, the Democrats are “selling” convenience by compromising ballot integrity. Sounds persuasive to an individual, but it’s not for our democracy.

4. In addition to facilitating fraud, these kinds of vote process changes were test run in California in 2018 and found to substantially increase Democrat votes. Some of that was just making voting easier for people who typically didn’t bother to vote (again with the trade off of weakening ballot integrity). Some of it was also what I will call quasi-fraud, e.g. “helping” someone fill out their ballot, selective vote harvesting, etc. If you lived in California in 2018 (as I did), what the Democrats were doing in 2020 was obvious — as were its implications. That is why for months now I have been highly doubtful that President Trump could ever overcome this partisan thumb on the scale in battleground states. Quite frankly, I found the fact that he almost won astounding for this reason alone.

5. Unless President Trump pulls a rabbit out of his hat in Arizona, Biden will have the electoral college majority based on reported vote totals — possibly by only 270-268, but it doesn’t really matter. Given the closeness of multiple states that Biden is winning, he would not have done so without the Democrats’ partisan gaming of the voting processes. Bottom line. Don’t kid yourself.

6. However, absent obvious and substantial evidence of discrete and material fraud that can be proved within maybe a few weeks, I don’t see a majority of the Supreme Court wanting anything to do with trying to “unring a Presidential election bell” — no matter how unfair, an abuse of power, partisan, potentially fraudulent, etc. these voting process changes may have been — or whether they were technically imposed without actual authority in some cases. This is not Bush v. Gore which dealt with recount processes.

7. Do I consider what the Democrats did “cheating” in a broad sense? Absolutely. Should the Republicans seek judicial relief? Sure. But that doesn’t mean that there is much chance of judicial relief. Nevertheless, it is obvious (to Republicans at least) what the Democrats did to “win” this election. What the Democrats did undermines our faith in our elections and our democracy. Their vote process shenanigans did great longer term harm to this country no matter whom you supported in this election.

Some post-election wisdom I can’t take credit for, but agree with wholeheartedly:

You Voted For Him. . .Now Own It!

All of you who voted for Joe Biden better own it for the next four years if he wins, and it’s looking very likely that he will.

I don’t want to hear you complain about your taxes going up or gas prices doubling. I don’t want you to complain when your health insurance costs go up even further than they already are.

Don’t complain when you bring home less in your paycheck because you’re being taxed to the max to pay for the Green New Deal (climate change, etc.).

Don’t complain when you lose your job because 11 million illegal immigrants suddenly become legal and your employer decides to hire someone at a lower wage. Don’t complain when your job is just out right eliminated because the minimum wage is too high and your employer can no longer afford to stay open or even pay you. Don’t complain when your automotive job is eliminated because it’s shipped back to China.

Don’t complain when interest rates double, maybe triple, and homes and automobiles aren’t as affordable as they used to be. Don’t complain when the stock market tanks  and your 401k plans take a huge hit.

Don’t complain when we are locked into more endless wars in the middle east.

Don’t complain when police forces are de-funded and your otherwise safe communities are overrun by crime and violence and start resembling Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, NYC, and the like.

Don’t complain when your children and grandchildren fall farther and farther behind in school due to mandated online learning caused by mythical coronavirus fears, verses in-class learning.

You obviously didn’t vote for your paycheck or your family’s future. You voted for your feelings! Unfortunately, facts don’t care about your feelings and sadly, you will soon learn this under a Biden/Harris administration.


More post-election wisdom I can’t take credit for, but agree with wholeheartedly:

Congratulations to all who voted for Biden/Harris. I hope you get all the “free” things you voted for.

I wish the best to all the small business, gun & land owners. When gas prices are soaring, taxes are high, you can’t afford the extras of life, look back and think how good the last four years were.

I can’t vote for anyone who believes in killing babies. You can hate Trump, but his policies helped this country.

Make sure you hug an oil worker today because they are worried sick about whether or not they’ll have a job next year. Do the same to our farmers, factory and steal workers because their jobs will be getting shipped back to China.

Make sure you tell a soldier thanks for serving our country and keeping us safe and free because our military will soon be downsized, again, just like Obama did!

I don’t care if you agree with me or not. I wish the best for America! I’ll stand for our flag and our National Anthem, and only kneel  at the cross until my last breath.

I wish peace not war, but when you tread on my property, threaten my family, and want to take my guns, you’ll have a fight. You can only rob and hurt people so much before they break.

Time will tell the truth about this election and I believe the final outcome will prove to be the wrong answer!

I will NOT argue, burn cities, loot, rob, steal, or hurt people just because my President didn’t win. I’ll go to work, go to church, pay my taxes, and continue to do my best to set a Godly example to my fellow Americans, shunning evil and clinging to all that is right and good. “Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone.” (Romans 12:17 – NIV) “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” (Romans 12:21 – NIV)

See you next week for more Wisdom Matters!

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